Marketing Agencies for Mission-Driven Companies

Trusting an agency with your marketing means your work will be done by hired experts, in their own office. Most agencies, as specialized as they may be in one aspect or another of the business, are staffed in key positions to deliver solid, comprehensive marketing work to any client—so they have a team of web designers, content writers, lead generation specialists, SEO experts, and so on, that can fit any marketing job. Let’s see some pros and cons of having a marketing agency working for your organization:

The right experience & skills

Marketing agencies are usually staffed with people who know their work. Most of these companies are composed of motivated, dynamic rookies and established, battle-scarred professionals—all industry leaders, in their own way. Besides, these people are typically resourceful and up-to-date with the best tools, trends and best practices in their industries. So you can count on your digital marketing agency not only to provide technically impeccable work (saving you the cost of software subscription fees, for example), but also to put their network to work on your favour (saving you the effort of building your network from scratch.)

An outside perspective

Outsourcing your marketing doesn’t mean your work will be handed over to someone who has no idea about your business or doesn’t care about your organization. In many cases, this relationship works the other way around: it’s your agency that will provide an outside perspective and fresh inputs for your strategy, free of misconceptions or prejudices that usually arise from established corporate cultures. Also, because most marketing agencies have diverse client portfolios that are not tied to one specific business or niche, every lesson they learn from other jobs can be potentially applied to your needs.

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